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Introducing our Prodigal Son Longsleeve – a wearable masterpiece that weaves the threads of faith and artistry into a singular, captivating vision.


Front Design: Adorned in pristine white, this longsleeve features a mesmerizing forest green design on the front, a captivating tapestry that traces the Prodigal Son's journey through the ebbs and flows of life's canvas.


Back Design: Turn around, and the masterpiece unfolds: an evocative portrayal of the Prodigal Son's return, with open arms and boundless love embracing the wanderer. It's a moment captured in brushstrokes and ink, a testament to the enduring power of reconciliation.


Craftsmanship and Comfort: Crafted with the finest cotton, our longsleeve offers not only a snug fit but also a canvas of comfort. The long sleeves provide warmth and versatility, making it an artful choice for all seasons.


Statement in Style: More than just attire, the Prodigal Son Longsleeve is a visual poem, an artistic dialogue that transcends the boundaries of fashion. Wear it as a testament to forgiveness, a celebration of artistry, or a bold sartorial statement – it's an invitation to conversation and reflection.


Embrace the Prodigal Son's journey and immerse yourself in the artistry of forgiveness with this wearable masterpiece. Order yours today and wear a story as old as time itself, yet as vivid as the strokes of a brush on a canvas.

Prodigal Son Longsleeve

79,99 €Price
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